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Benjamin DeGolia

Benjamin DeGolia

Attorney and Founder

Attorney Benjamin DeGolia founded DeGolia Law P.C. with the steadfast conviction
that individuals harmed by powerful corporate and government systems deserve an
attorney who will treat them with compassion, dignity, and respect. That core vision
drives every aspect of DeGolia Law’s approach to legal services.

Benjamin understands the value of hard work. He took his first job at the age
of fourteen, gaining a deep respect for his coworkers, many of whom had recently
immigrated from Mexico and Central America and worked two jobs to support their
families. That first job is also where Benjamin learned to speak Spanish (he is now
bilingual and certified by the Cervantes Institute).

Benjamin developed a calling for public service, and before deciding to study law,
he worked as a paralegal at immigration and human rights organizations,
conducting policy research and providing legal services to immigrant survivors of
sexual violence and other abuses.

Benjamin obtained his law degree from Stanford University, where he was the Articles Editor for the Stanford Law Review and the Managing Editor of the Stanford Journal of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. He has devoted his entire legal career to protecting the rights of individuals harmed by governmental and corporate abuse.

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