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Sexual Harassment and Assault

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Navigating the legal system after surviving sexual harassment or assault can be intimidating, but having a powerful and compassionate advocate by your side can help you protect your rights and obtain justice.

Attorney Benjamin DeGolia has been working with survivors of child abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual violence for over fifteen years, and he considers this to be the most important area of his law practice. Although no attorney can guarantee a successful outcome in your case, DeGolia Law’s promise to you is that you will be treated with compassion, dignity, and respect.

Survivors of sexual harassment and sexual violence often face complex legal issues. DeGolia Law prides itself on providing complete, holistic legal services in this area. If you experienced sexual violence and you choose DeGolia Law as your legal representation, DeGolia Law will serve as your victim advocate in any criminal proceedings in addition to bringing any civil claims on your behalf. Additionally, if you are undocumented, DeGolia Law will prepare your U Visa application to help you obtain legal status and get on a path to citizenship.

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